Azul Chocolatier

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Fill your chocolate box smartly!

The tiles of this Azul game look like delicious chocolates and other treats. The game contains double sided factory rounds. One side plays the same as the Azul game. The other side contains special effects that give the game a different twist.

How to play Azul Chocolatier

The purpose of the Azul Chocolatier is to cleverly place tiles on your personal board. At the end of the game you get points for completed horizontal and vertical lines and for complete patterns in the chocolate box on your game board.

There is a range of chocolate in different factories. Players take turns moving tiles from a factory to the queue on their player board. Once all the chocolates have been removed, the players move the tiles from the queues to their chocolate box. They score points for making rows and columns. After the last round there is an extra count of bonus points.

Game variant

Azul Chocolatier contains a small version of the original Azul game. While replenishing the tiles, flip over a few random factories. This includes special effects. For example, the factories can become magnets for certain tile colors. This causes them to attract tiles from neighboring factories. For example, another factory ensures that you don't get any penalty points for the chocolates that don't fit on your game board.

This variation of Azul Chocolatier brings some chaos into the game and will create a battle to become the starting player each round.

Number of players2-4
Recommended age8+
Type of gameBoard game, Tile Placement
Playing time30-45 min
Language independentNo necessary in-game text
PublisherNext Move Games
Base game or expansionBase game

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