Beer & Bread

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Card game for two

Beer & Bread is a multifunctional card game for two players.

Two villages have kept the dual tradition of brewing beer and baking bread. While sharing fields and resources, they still pride themselves on their friendly rivalry to beat each other's produce.

The two players each represent one of the two villages. Over a span of six years, they must harvest, store resources, upgrade facilities, produce and sell beer and bread. Some years will be fruitful, others dry.

To win the Beer & Bread game, the players must find a balance between the baked and the liquid products. At the end of the game, they score victory points only for the product for which they receive the least income.

Number of players2
Recommended age10+
Type of gameBoard game
Playing time30-45 min
Language independentUse of in-game text
PublisherCapstone Games
Base game or expansionBase game

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