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Fireball Launching Hydra

This Hydra expansion adds a fireball-launching Hydra to the Catapult Feud game.

Will your castle walls melt from the fiery breath of the Hydra? Or will you tame this mythical beast and launch fireballs at your opponent's castle?

Note: This expansion requires the Catapult Feud base game to play.

How to play Catapult Feud Hydra

Place the Hydra in the center of the battlefield, equidistant between the players. If you play with the Volcano expansion, place the Hydra next to it. Shuffle the Hydra cards and place them in a pile next to the Hydra.

Every turn you have a free action with which you can try to tame the Hydra. To do this, shuffle the Hydra cards, reveal the top card and solve them according to the rules.

However, taming the Hydra is a risky task! You may be able to deal extra damage to your opponent with it, but there is also a chance that the Hydra will take revenge on you. Every time you try to tame the Hydra, one of its heads will respond to you. Depending on which headline, there is a different outcome.

Left head: You may shoot a fireball at your opponent.
Central head: You may launch 2 fireballs at your opponent.
Right head: The Hydra retaliates and drives your troops away. Remove a junk. If it is your last troop, you lose the game.

Contents of Catapult Feud Hydra:

- 1 Hydra
- 4 Fireballs
- 6 Hydra Cards
- 1 instruction sheet.

Number of players2
Recommended age7+
Playing time30-40 min
Language independentUse of in-game text
Base game or expansionExpansion

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