Tiny Epic Dungeons - Stories Expansion

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Story mode expansion

The Tiny Epic Dungeons: Stories expansion introduces a new story mode where the heroes go deeper into the dungeon, complete side missions and battle multiple enemies at once.

Content of this game expansion:
- 8 Hero Minis and Mats (Zui Xiong, Evelynn, Aetoris, Nili Songheart, Zezili, Clotho, Lara Gambit, Sir Gamelyn),
- 8 Story Cards (Scry Into The Future, Purify The Water, Curse of the Hobgoblin, Vault Heist, Sacrifice A Minion, Rescue The Adventurers, A Dimensional Debt, The Golden Phoenix),
- 5 Dungeon Cards,
- 12 Loot Cards (Eyes of the Viper, Shadow Gi of the Viper, Smoke Bombs of the Viper, Fangs of the Viper, Orbs of the Scarab, Vestment of the Scarab, Ward of the Scarab, Mage Blade of the Scarab, Dungeon Map, Bedrolls, Everlit Torch, Ceremonial Spear),
- 2 Boss Mats (The Tinkerer, The Mind Lasher),
- 2 Minion Cards (Fire Elemental, Golem),
- 2 Goblin Cards (Mighty Goblin, Spelly Goblin),
- 2 Minion Tokens,
- 1 Boss Token,
- 2 Objective Tokens.

Number of players1-4
Recommended age14+
Type of gameBoard game, Co-operative
Playing time30-60 min
Language independentUse of in-game text
PublisherGamelyn Games
Base game or expansionExpansion

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